Image Use


Images can be supplied as Jpeg or Tiff files via email, as downloadable files, by FTP or posted on CD.

Magazine or Brochure Use

Prices based on one usage per publication, up to A4 size, 300dpi

Print run/size
1/4 page
1/2 page
3/4 page
Full page
Double page
Front cover
Up to 1,000
Over 1001

More than one usage within issue add 50% of page rate. Copy of the publication must be posted to Sue Pettifor. Terms (PDF)

Website Use

Prices based on one usage per website, no greater than 72dpi

Business type
Small business (1 outlet or - 3 staff)
Large business (2+ outlets or 4+ staff)

More than one use within the same site add 50%. Web address must be sent to Sue Pettifor.

Other Uses

Images supplied at 300dpi

Logo and stationery (small business, 1 outlet or - 3 staff)
Logo and stationery (large business, 2+ outlets or 4+ staff)
Book cover smaller than A4
Book cover A4 or larger
Wedding invitations or similar up to A5
3 years greeting card or print rights
On commission basis or fixed price
Large display stand
Unlimited use within a business (uses must be declared) from...
Please contact me if your intended usage is not listed

Discounts for multiple purchases
5+ images -10% Discount
10+ images -20% Discount
Unlimited use within a business (uses must be declared) from £500
5+ images -10% Discount / 10+ images -20% Discount

Please contact us for Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions will appear on the image licence agreement which will be supplied to you on purchase.

The images are Rights Managed by licence, not Royalty-Free.

Make a note of the image code, email it along with your contact details and:

  •  Full disclosure of your intended use
  •  Image sizes when printed
  •  Name and address of company using the images
  •  Print run of publication

When the price and payment is agreed, an image licence will be sent.
Small files will be supplied via email, and larger files by downloadable link or on CD if preferred.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card through PayPal or by cheque or bank transfer.

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